How Members Volunteer

Quarter Midget Racing is a volunteered-based sport. It takes a lot of people helping to make the race days go smoothly. Here are some ways members help:

Open/Close of Track

Opening the track consists of:

  • Put fire extinguisher and vest at each corner
  • Line all trash cans
  • Put flags out at flag stand and foot pedal for the lights
  • Use the leaf blower to clear off debris from the track and staging area
  • Raise the American flag on the flag pole

Closing the track consists of:

  • Make sure all track equipment is put back in scale house (fire extinguishers, vests, flags, light foot pedal)
  • Lower and store the American flag
  • Empty all garbage cans
  • Make sure all lights are turned off

Registration Help

Help with registration prior to racing includes:

  • Keep track of the drivers pill draw numbers and their name
  • Make sure the appropriate paperwork is completed by the driver and handlers
  • Take registration fees and give change
  • Help with transponder/raceceiver rental

Pit Steward 

The Pit Steward sends cars out on the track.
He/She is responsible for checking all safety items in the staging lanes to make sure the cars and drivers are ready to race.

Items to check include:

  • Breaks
  • Raceivers
  • Arm Restraints
  • Seat Belts
  • Helmet/HANS straps


S/he flags the races. S/he works with the Pit Steward and may be asked by the Pit Stewart to determine a call.
The Flagger will remain on the flag stand during all green flag racing.


Scorers are responsible for keeping track of cars as they cross the finish line. Scorers keep up with the number of strikes given to a driver by the Chief Steward, number of DOT’s each car has, which cars are lap cars, and the finish of the race.
Each race will have someone designated as the “Head Scorer”.  Scorers do not make calls! Scorers work at the direction of the Chief Steward.

Tower Spotter

A tower spotter stands behind the scorers and watches the entire track. S/he will note when the yellow comes out, when cars go DOT, the order that they went DOT, which cars go DOT under Green and/or Yellow. S/he keeps a record of which car(s) leave the track and the order in which they return back onto the track. The Tower Spotter will need to record the cars with strikes and total number of strikes.