General Membership Information

MAQMA operates under a Zero Tolerance Policy to ensure a positive, family-oriented environment for all.  A formal Zero Tolerance Policy must be signed by all members of your family/race team before you will be allowed to take the track for competition.

The following actions are strictly prohibited

      • Deliberately damaging, destroying or defacing MAQMA property or facility.
      • Being under the influence of drugs or alcohol during racing conditions.
      • Making any type of verbal or physical threat to any person at the MAQMA facility.
      • Throwing objects in pit area or hot chute area.
      • Ignoring instructions from track officials.
      • Violating MAQMA rules & regulations.
      • Excessive yelling, comments or obscenities directed at a track official, handler or driver.
      • A driver deliberately hitting another driver while on the race track or in the hot chute.
      • A driver making an offensive gesture to track official.


  1. There will be NO championship points awarded for Rookies.
  2. The points championship will consist of eleven (11) scheduled races.  A minimum of five (5) must be run in a class to receive a trophy.
  3. Points will be calculated based on the driver’s best scores for 80% of the total club races that took place.  (ie: club runs 11 races, driver’s best 9 scores will determine standing–club runs 10 races, driver’s best 8 scores will determine standing)
  4. Dixie Shootout Series race does not count as a club championship race.
  5. Rain Out Policy:  If the entire event is rained out, no points are awarded.  If all qualifying/heat/lower main races have been completed, points awarded respective to finish.  If lower mains have not been completed, all drivers in that class will receive 1st place points.  Any race that has reached the halfway point will be timed-out and points will be awarded based on finish.
  6. Members must volunteer to assist during race day at least once every 3rd race.  Must also perform the assigned number of open/close procedures.  The number required will be determined by the total number of open/close slots divided equally among total member families.  Failure to volunteer will result in ineligibility for championship points or a $100 fine.  Subject to board review.


Lane Marrow

Vice President
Patrick Christensen

Penny Christensen

Melissa Earwood